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Yeah.... Maybe Not. 

Meet Your New Best Friend. 


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You have written a draft (or ten!) of your manuscript and still have nagging doubts. Your friends think it's great, but what will a broader readership think? Is it really time for a copy edit, or does the book still need work?


What if your manuscript is not on par with other material out there?


I will read and evaluate your manuscript thoroughly, providing both inline and larger notes on your premise, theme, narrative, structure, character, and dialogue. Plus, I'll rate the overall entertainment factor and your storytelling skills, spotting weaknesses and showing you how to amplify your strengths and unique voice. 



You are very keen to get this book out into the world, whether traditionally or independently. Leaving no stone unturned, you would like a skilled editor to go over every sentence, paragraph, and chapter to be sure that your manuscript is a page-turner, packed with sensory details, writerly artistry, great scene work, memorable characters, and a driving narrative.


No shortcuts for you; you've worked too hard on this manuscript.


I will work with you closely and provide two passes of substantive editing and overall notes as we go. 

Developmental Editing & Coaching

You got a good running start on your manuscript and then got lost in the woods. You're overwhelmed but determined not just to finish this manuscript but to be a better writer, full stop.


You could benefit from some accountability and deadlines. You want to enjoy this journey and actually finish this manuscript.

I will provide you with constant feedback, substantive editing, frequent email, and Zoom sessions to brainstorm together and discuss your work. I will get you and your manuscript over the finish line AND raise your writing level significantly in the process. 

Stories Are as Old as Time.  

Storytelling is in Your Very DNA.

but rome wasn't built in a day.

I feel like I just got an MFA in creative writing. Robert L., San Diego, CA

The thing about Julie is that she makes writing come alive.

Ella F., Tel Aviv

Julie is as insightful as she is articulate.

Ruth Y., Jerusalem

Julie not only knows her stuff, but she knows how to present it in a way that puts you at ease. She comes from a place of encouragement. 

Anne R., Seattle, WA.

Julie has helped me so much with short stories I am working on. Her attention to detail is just what I have been looking for. What really impressed me was her ability to hone in on the areas which really needed attention.

Barbara P., San Francisco, CA

Julie helped take my feature screenplay to the next level. Her criticisms were clear and on the ball - both in details, and in overarching issues. She was strong both in narrative issues and character issues. Her points were constructive, and basically with her expert advice, I proceeded smoothy to the next draft.

H. Stein, Jerusalem

As a new writer, I knew I needed guidance on how to complete my manuscript. I am so glad I found Julie. She held my hand through the entire process, giving me constructive feedback and brilliant suggestions along the way.

Deborah F., Los Angeles

Julie is your quantum leap in expertise. I live in fear and awe of her. All the same, when I read the final MS I have the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that only my kids can give me.

Michael B., New York


About Me

I am a published writer and have been editing manuscripts and providing story analysis since 2005. I got my start in Hollywood, where I worked with agents and producers looking for great material and gifted writers. My writing can be found in the Huffington Post, the Times of Israel, the Jewish Journal, the NY Post, Moment Magazine, Script Magazine and others. My book, The True Adventures of Gidon Lev is one of the Best Books of 2020 in the Kirkus Review. I am familiar with the landscape of both traditional and independent publishing and the routes to both.  A California native, I now live alongside the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, in Tel Aviv.  

Bedoin Rugs

I feel like I just got an MFA in writing! 

Robert Loewen, CA.


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