My Stats

From: California. 

Currently Living: Astride the breathtaking Mediterranean in Tel Aviv. 

Developmental Editing/Coaching: 15 years+.

Places Published: SO many. 

Favorite Authors & Books: Follow me on GoodReads!

Baseball: LA Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox. 

Favorite Pastimes: Swimming, reading, cooking, feeding stray animals.

Favorite Tech: Waze, Moovit, Pocket, Google Docs, Instagram.

Main Squeeze: My darling Loving Life Buddy.

  • Member: EFA (Editor's Freelance Association)

  • Member: ALLI (Alliance of Independent Authors) 

  • Writer's Studio (UCLA) 2001-2003.

  • Writers BootCamp 2 Year Program (2005)

  • Story Analysis & Writer Evaluation: Walden Media (Divergent, Narnia, Holes, Journey to the Center of the Earth), Red Wagon (Sony: Memoirs of a Geisha), Cinergi (Swim Fan, The Terminator), Bedford Falls (Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai) and Seed Productions (Hugh Jackman and John Palermo).

  • Speaker/Instructor: Warner Bros. Studios, The Willamette Writer's Conference, West England University (Bristol), The Writer's Store (Burbank), Oxford Student Union (Oxford University). 

My Philosophy and Professional Background

For me,  it is crucial to connect with and be enthusiastic about the material. As writers, it's so obvious to us - we know that we want to write, but we also have to prove to the world that what we wrote matters. It's the sheer joy we put into our writing, combined with the conviction that others will benefit from our stories that we writers have to remember.

In my experience, writers in pursuit of fame, acclaim or dollars signs are destined to a path of frustration. The simple desire to tell a good story, one that readers will read and reread and tell their friends about, should be your guiding motivation. Tell us a story. One that challenges, comforts, and moves us. One that might even teach us something new about ourselves and about the world. Tell us a story that entertains us and that matters. If you accomplish even a fraction of those goals in your manuscript and you have the patience and resolution to keep writing and searching for just the right way to publish your book then the world of being a writer is for you.  Write for the love of it. Be entertaining. 

Be familiar with what great writing looks like, and notice the pleasure of reading. Be familiar with who has written what, and when and why you enjoyed it so. Try reading books by authors you are not familiar with, and rereading classics you read when you were a kid. Try audiobooks. Make the time in your life to enjoy reading for the sheer love of exploring the world through the eyes of someone else. The rewards are innumerable, not the least of which is that your own writing will be guided, informed and inspired by other great writers. 


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