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Plot & Character Brainstorming. 
Marketing & Publishing Strategies.
Tools. Resources. Ideas. 
Encouragement. Direction. Inspiration. 
All of the Above.

Let's Get on Zoom

Is your manuscript ready to meet the world? Or not yet? What is getting in the way? Are you having issues with character development, an unclear premise, or just not sure how the third act is working for the narrative? Maybe you need to go back to your outline and make sure you are hitting your dramatic beats.  

Or perhaps you're wondering whether traditional or independent publishing is the right choice for you? How can you design a marketing strategy? What should your budget be? What the heck is a keyword, and how does one go about querying agents? Are there writing groups or classes you could take advantage of? What is formatting, exactly?? 

Believe me, I have been where you are. Not sure what is working or not working and feeling stuck.
You will be amazed what a consulting session or two will do to help clear away the confusion and get you back into a focused, fired-up mindset. No more struggling alone with unanswered questions. We'll get to the meat of it very quickly and find ways for you to make progress you can be proud of. 

60 or 90 Minute Brainstorming Sessions
Send me up to five pages of your work, and tell me what is going on and how I can help you. Give me the background information, in other words, about what is stumping you. We'll find a good time to get on Zoom and talk it through. Make sure to take notes, you will be glad you did! 


I got you on this.

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