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Plot & Character Brainstorming. 
Marketing & Publishing Strategies.
Tools. Resources. Ideas. 
Encouragement. Direction. Inspiration. 
All of the Above.

Is your manuscript ready to meet the world? Or not yet? What is getting in the way? Are you having issues with character development, an unclear premise, or just not sure how the third act is working for the narrative? Maybe you need to go back to your outline and make sure you are hitting your dramatic beats.  Should you use index cards, chalk on the wall or set up a Trello account? What is Trello??

Or perhaps you're wondering whether traditional or independent publishing is the right choice for you? How can you design a marketing strategy? What should your budget be? What the heck is a keyword, and how does one go about querying agents? Are there writing groups or classes you could take advantage of? What is formatting, exactly?? 

You've come to the right person. As you can see in my "about me" I am a long-time book doctor and substantive editor. I have worked with hundreds of writers and wrote a book that was one of the Best Books of 2020 in the Kirkus Review.  I am familiar with the landscapes of traditional and independent publishing and the multitudinous hoops we writers must go through. I have been where you are. And I can help you feel more focused, directed and fired up about your writing. 

First, choose whether you would like a 60 or 90-minute consultation. Make your payment via Paypal. The buttons are below. 

When your payment is received, I will respond to you with an email asking you what you'd like to discuss and include a link to my booking calendar.  Please reply in detail. You may include any written notes or pages (limit: 5 pages or 1,500 words).  

If you have any questions about my consultations, please email me here. 

H E L P!! 

60 Minutes: $250

90 Minutes: $325

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