Copy Editing

Corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage. Assures consistency of hyphenation, capitalization and numbers. Adheres to an established style guide like the CMOS. Outcome: A manuscript 100% error free, and ready to be queried or published independently.

Developmental Editing

Big picture editing and coaching. Helps writers with premise, narrative flow, sound structure, character development, punchy dialogue and effective scene writing. Developmental editing also includes project management, deadlines and accountability. Outcome: A first draft manuscript that is in excellent shape and ready for beta readers.


Makes sure the manuscript is as error-free as humanly possible. Checks for typographical errors, page number issues and stray typos that may have been missed. Outcome: Manuscript is ready to be formatted and printed.

Palm Tree

Substantive Editing

Focuses on writing style and narrative flow. Points out awkward phrasing, telling not showing, inconsistencies, passive voice, clunky dialogue. Outcome: Writing that flows beautifully and consistently and is ready for copy editing.