Read what just a few of the novelists, screenwriters and colleagues who have worked with Julie have to say about their experiences: 

No matter how good you think you are Julie will give you both a rude awakening and make you a whole lot better. Julie is your quantum leap in expertise. I live in fear and awe of her. All the same, when I read the final MS I have the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that only my kids can give me. ‘Wow, did I do that?’ If you want easy, then do not go near Julie Gray. If you want to grow, if you want to do the best possible then make a beeline to Ms Gray. Julie is a top-notch pro.

Michael Benjamin, MBChB and Medicine Physiology, University of Aberdeen

As I was looking for someone to help me write my first non-fiction book, I came across Julie. I couldn't have asked for a more professional, insightful and honest mentor who really "got me." Her timely and excellent comments, in addition to her wonderful feedback provided me with so much guidance and support. Thank you Julie! Couldn't have done this without you!!

Dorit Yaron, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and Life Coach

Julie excels in all the way a good literary editor must, but she also gets that writing can be emotionally taxing and even dispiriting; so amorphous a challenge that even the smallest distractions can derail work on the most promising passages. Most telling is Julie's infectious love affair with the written word. For these reasons and more, I admire and recommend my friend and mentor, Julie Gray.

Ze'ev Silverman, Professor of Physiology & Cell Biology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

I met Julie years ago, when I was just starting out, aspiring to be a film and television writer. Her sense of story is impeccable, as is her ability to spot writers and material with potential. Thank you Julie, for believing in me, way back when!

Hilary Weissman Graham, Orange is the New Black (S6), Bones

"I've been working with Julie Gray for seven years, on my screenplays, short stories, and novels. What I love most about Julie the balance she provides between genuine encouragement with stark honesty. She doesn't stop at making this piece or that piece better - she wants to make you better. And she has the skills, experience, and knowledge to do just that." ​

James Matlack Raney, Jim Morgan & the King of The Thieves

I have been working with Julie Gray over the past two years and she is an absolute treasure. Julie is so much more than an story editor. She is insightful, creative, extremely experienced and an invaluable mentor. Writing my YA book series, Julie has coached me in so many areas such as weaving together the various and complex dramatic plots and twists for maximum tension, emotional honesty and entertainment. I highly recommend her to all writers

Ondine Sherman, the Sky Series

Julie is a brilliant story teller and gifted book doctor. She knows what a great book should look like, and gives her whole self towards ensuring that you craft your best work. She has many years of experience in the center of the industry and has loads of insights into getting read and published. Julie gets my highest rating and recommendation.

Elana Sztockman, Phd.

Julie Gray is as insightful as she is articulate. From our first conversation it was clear that she could provide me with direction, feedback, structure, confidence and the support necessary to complete the novel I'd been struggling with for way too long. Julie is a pro!

Ruth Yudekovitz, Novelist

ulie helped take my feature screenplay to the next level. Her criticisms were clear and on the ball - both in details, and in overarching issues. She was strong both in narrative issues and character issues. Her points were constructive, and basically with her expert advice, I proceeded smoothy to the next draft.

Harvey Stein, filmmaker, A Third Way

When it comes to book doctors, Julie Gray is a "specialist", but you don't need to wait for an appointment, or a prescription. She is simply the best. I was writing a book, which sorely needed a critical edit; yet, she gave me the confidence of a metaphysical cheerleader to see the project through to its completion. Julie Gray, you are a true wordsmith!

Shashi Ishai, Ask Avigail

Julie provided invaluable guidance for my novel, both in terms of story development and constructive criticism. Her comments were always prescient, her suggestions useful, and her attitude supportive and nurturing. I am now working on a second novel with Julie and would encourage anyone considering her services to make use of her considerable talents and experience.

Andy Lewis, Novelist

Julie helped me with a short story that I've been sitting on for ages because I just couldn't get it right. Julie does a thorough and detailed edit and even explained all the edits to me to make sure I got it. I will definitely ask her to edit other fiction that I have been hanging onto. Julie is knowledgeable and worth every penny you spend on editing. Before the edit, my story was good. After the edit, it was great.

Barbara Peleg, Poet and Writer, San Francisco, CA

Julie's book [Just Effing Entertain Me] is well-written, funny and informative - I'm finding myself learning all sorts of things from it myself!

Dan McGrath, TV writer/producer, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, King of the Hill

Julie Gray's wealth of knowledge and experience along with her consistent encouragement and guidance propelled me from zero to the finished draft, and helped me overcome what appeared to be a daunting task!

Marney Blom, Journalist, Director of Acts News Network

Well, I'm certainly glad I took the time to sit down and read over your book [Just Effing Entertain Me]'s exactly the kind of resource I WISH I had when I first moved to Los Angeles. It's a brilliant and dynamic primer on the business and craft of screenwriting, and a clear glimpse into the mind of Hollywood's Gatekeepers. 

Stephen Susco, Writer/Producer, The Grudge

I worked with Julie on my debut novel, Julian Rigby & the Keepers of Time. In fact, it was her encouragement that inspired me write it. She served not only as story editor but also copy editor and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I look back at our collaborations as an invaluable part of the process. I encourage anyone to use her services. I know that I will be calling again upon her expertise for my next project, be it a screenplay or novel.

John Grammatico, Baltimore, Maryland Writer/Director @ Company Films LA

[Just Effing Entertain Me is]...probably the most accurate portrayal I've come across of how actual scriptwriting works in the real world. 

Mat Nix, creator, USA's BURN NOTICE

I stumbled upon Julie’s blog at a desperate time. I had quit my job as a staff writer for TIME with the vague notion of writing for TV, though all I’d ever heard about that career path was that it would chew me up and spit out the gristle. Julie’s warm, witty and insightful website proved there was at least one person in Hollywood with a helpful heart.

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, creator of the CBS pilot “The Ordained” and author of the novel “Pastors’ Wives” (May 2013, Penguin/Plume)

Julie is both a tireless advocate for writers and she has excellent taste. I always look forward to reading her recommendations!

Andrew Kersey, Kersey Management, Los Angeles

Julie is one of those mentors that will make you shine long after you’re done working with her: her information, insight and guidance really resonate, and improves the writing and approach of anyone who works with her.

Lee Zahavi Jessup, former Director, Script Shark, currently, Career Coaching for the Scrappy Screenwriter

When a writer sends his script off to be professionally evaluated, he can run into everything from a cynical reader who seems to take great delight in ripping your screenplay to pieces. Another may not tell you what they really think because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. Julie is your true friend who, while highlighting the positives in your screenplay, tells you exactly what and how you must rewrite to sell your script.

Terry Herbert, Author, “Love Tides & Golden Isles Lore”, Screenwriter, “The Soprano & The Poet”

I’ve worked one on one with Julie and she’s provided honest, insightful feedback on a script that desperately needed it. I’ve attended hour long seminars to all day workshops and I’ve always found her to be the most enthusiastic, energetic and down to earth person who clearly loves her craft. She doesn’t mince words. She tells it like it is and in an industry where impression is everything, she’s always left a good one.

Tammy Olsen – Warner Bros, Los Angeles

Julie, we love you! Almost as much as your students do. Your ‘standing room only’ class at the Great American PitchFest was amazing. You continue to inspire and encourage others to write their best screenplays, and we can’t thank you enough for sharing your gifts as an exceptional teacher with our writers. Awesome job! - See more at:

Signe Olynyk, Director, The Great American Pitch Fest.

Hi Julie, I’ve had a day to digest our sessions and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! A gigantic thank you for your dead-on, laser-focused feedback of my work–and all of it delivered with an upbeat kindness.. After ten minutes with you, it became appallingly clear that I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. Even after reading many screenwrting books, studying scripts online, and thrashing it out on my own in the trenches–there was just so much I was missing. I feel empowered to take my screenplay to the next level. My first fifteen pages are already dramatically improved after a couple hours of work. I’ll be back for more!

Linda, Los Angeles

Working with Julie has been a rare pleasure. She absolutely transformed my manuscript into a much better one. She is a superb teacher, who guided me to better writing and visualization through succinct pointers throughout my manuscript as well as regular encouragement and constructive criticism. I highly recommend working with Julie for anyone that values an expert and experienced editor. One feels that Julie’s work is a labor of love, and one can only benefit from such a fantastic combination of passion, excitement and professionalism.

Ben-Tzion Spitz, Jerusalem, Israel

Julie is an amazing teacher. In a few short weeks, my understanding of writing has skyrocketed. The personal time and attention is invaluable, as she can zero in on what exactly needs to change to make huge improvements. I would highly recommend her to any writer who wants to hone their skills in a short period of time.

Donna Wetterstrand, Business Consultant/Entrepreneur

Julie Gray is one of the writing coaches I recommend to my clients. She’s smart, supportive, trustworthy, and knows how to help writers overcome the challenges of the creative process.

Stephanie Palmer, author, Good in a Room, former MGM executive

I first got to “know” Julie via her podcasts and then when it came to working together I quickly found the same warmth and enthusiasm. Julie understood the stories I was trying to write and was quickly able to point out where I was missing opportunities to improve my scripts. It’s one thing to have your script corrected and another to know how and why its better. Julie teaches writers skills that will stay with them for the long term and is the ideal mix of teacher and consultant. I know I’m a much better writer for the experience.

Gaby P., Melbourne, Australia

In short order Julie showed me the critical difference between 110 of writing and 110 pages of entertaining story telling.

Ron Jackson, San Diego, California

Julie sparkles with imagination. Her insightful, knowledgeable, no holds barred and always supportive analysis has made me a better writer.

Roy Woodbridge, Vancouver, BC

Julie Gray is more astute more, thorough and more generous than any screenwriting coach I have ever worked with. Profound depth of knowledge and insight and really knows how to give your material and your skill set what it needs to be truly great. Her coaching is worth every penny.

Steve Z., Los Angeles

There are so many wonderful things one can say about Julie. When it comes to the world of screenwriting, Julie knows the craft and the industry inside and out. When it comes to the world in general, a more selfless soul you will not find. She aspires to inspire, and does so effortlessly.

Richard Botto, CEO Stage 32

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