Just Effing Entertain Me: A Screenwriter's Atlas




The most complete and up to date how-to book on screenwriting

in the entertainment business today, Just Effing Entertain Me

will show you how to: 


  • Test your ideas before you start writing your script

  • Outline your script in bite-sized sequences

  • Write authentic, compelling, real characters

  • Write relevant, entertaining themes

  • Understand formatting and other script miscellany


This totally, 100% indispensable book also includes: 


  • An owners manual for a screenwriter's care and feeding

  • A list of the top 200 movies you MUST see if you want to write for the entertainment industry.

  • How to query and get an agent. 







Sparkling with personality and great nuggets of wisdom, A Screenwriter's Atlas is a must for all screenwriters. It's a fast, fun read that's both a teaching tool and a guide to the labyrinth that is Hollywood, as well as a practical guide to writing well, using proven techniques that actually work. An absolute gem. 


-Dianna Zimmerman



The pace and fun nature of the book, besides being educational, simply makes it a joy to read while absorbing a wealth of knowledge.  



-Michael Coonce



Julie Gray has gathered her considerable expertise and combined it with her cheerful and optimistic sense of humor to create this amazing book. ...this book has a near magical ability to go and write better. It gives you the feeling that you can do this crazy thing. 


-Deb Hiett


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