What the heck is media literacy and who cares, anyway?

Media literacy - the ability to deconstruct, analyze and think critically about media is one of the most important life skills you can have. Why? Because we are surrounded by media as never before. 

Newspapers, television shows, news sites, radio, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, movies, YouTube, billboards, you name it and someone has "made" media for you to consume. But - why? What is the point? 

Sometimes media entertains us, other times it inform us, and other times it sells us something. Media is always constructed and it always has a purpose. That doesn't mean media is bad - but it means that we need to slow down in our consumption of it and make sure that what we are reading, liking or sharing is helpful or harmful. 

When I work with writers on their novels or screenplays, I take delight in helping them to find the fullest, most moving and exciting expression of their story. Reading books and watching films are an important part of how we humans learn and entertain ourselves. But mass media can be something quite a bit different. 

Mass media shapes everything from our ideas and ideals of beauty to success, to our deeply held beliefs about politics, gender and more. Media is the messenger, as the Canadian philosopher Marshall MacLuhan said presciently so long ago. And the messenger is powerful. Extremely so. 

There are many resources for media literacy and I will share them here, over time. You can find many yourself by Googling "media literacy" and also by checking out my blog which is here. 

If you are a writer and you need guidance and feedback on a novel or non-fiction manuscript, you know where to find me. 


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