Creative Non-Fiction Developmental Edit



Do you have an idea for a non-fiction manuscript, or half-finished non-fiction manuscript? This developmental edit will manage your project to completion, on time. 


Non-Fiction Developmental Edit Tasks


  • Project Management: Establish goals and milestones. 

  • Establish one line premise. Guidance/creation, polish.

  • Identification and strengthening of key valuable takeaways. 

  • Create chapter list/outline using development tools. Guidance, creation, polish.

  • Use Sequential Narrative tool. Guidance, creation, polish.

  • Create new TOC (table of contents) using Sequential Narrative Tool. Guidance, creation, polish.

  • Review two iterations of each. 


First Round Developmental Editing

Chapter by chapter notes and feedback on every major aspect of your manuscript: Author credibility, clarity and relevance of premise, unique take, chapter flow and structure, logic, takeaway value and readability. This is the most time-consuming part of the editing; this is where we really have a conversation, back and forth, about what is working and what is not and how to improve the manuscript. 


Second Round Developmental Editing

After you have made the changes and corrections, I go back through the document and once more add notes, feedback and suggestions. This process is less time-consuming and the point at which we see how prior changes worked and look for any other opportunities to polish the 

manuscript to a shine. 


Non-Fiction Developmental Editing Checklist:

  • Project management: Set and meet reasonable deadlines for completion.

  • Relevance/zeitgeist check on overall thesis relative to the market.

  • Competitive research: What are you saying that is NEW on this topic? 

  • Establishing author credibility.

  • Review narrative flow, style and author’s unique voice.

  • Creation of an outline/table of contents.

  • Structure, flow, overall readability.

  • Strengthen entertainment quotient.

  • Line Edit: Review, corrections, and suggestions on syntax, style, tone, grammar, alliteration, repetition, logic and consistency. 

  • One-on-one mentoring and increased writing skills.


Guidance: Project management with the use of Trello. Articles of topical relevance and interest.  Referrals to vetted copy editors if desired. 


Includes: Two passes of Substantive Editing (as above) Unlimited email access, three in person or Skype/Facetime video meetings. 


Does not include: Proofreading; although personal referrals will be provided. 


Starts at 6 cents (0.6) cents per word. 



Check Availability, Get a Free Sample Edit (limit 1,000 words) Plus a Quote.


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