Nuts, Bolts & Particulars

The First Editing Revision


I provide a set of notes and comments both within the document itself and as email correspondence. Not all chapters or chapter groupings will get a separate email with more notes; only if I feel that I have something overall or global to point out. (Most of the time, I will have larger notes on chapters or groups of chapters. If I don't, then you are some kind of genius!)


You go over the notes and comments in one of three ways:


A) Take the note and make the fix.

B) Ignore the note and stick to your guns or instincts as the case may be! 

C) Leave me a note in reply, asking for clarity or making your case for why you think this works.


It’s in that third category that we dialogue within the document, about the story.


It is via email that we dialogue on a larger scale - and those are the conversations that we either resolve via email or save up for one of our three skype story meetings.


This first revision will be the most time-consuming for both of us. Even so, because project management is part of my job, you’ll finish up your end pretty quickly because we will have established a customized, reasonable timeline for you. Part of my job, as I see it, is to keep you on a schedule for completion. It’s better and easier for both writer and editor to get and keep a good flow going. Gaps in the work create more work for everybody.



To get your manuscript fully edited and ready to go, we work together very efficiently. You send me chapters in groups of five and I begin on that, then send that back to you for your pass while I’m working on the second set of five chapters. And so on. This keeps a rhythm going, with chapters that are always in some form of edit or rewrite.


The Second Editing Revision


The same as above, except that because this is my second pass making notes, there will inevitably be fewer of them. This time I am looking for the efficacy of your rewrite and will point out both finer points that were not relevant the first pass AND any larger story/stylistic or character issues outstanding. Here is where your final say comes in, as the creator of this story. In this second stage, you are the arbiter of what feels right to you. I never step on your creative choices beyond this point. In an earlier edit, I may challenge you and ask some questions, but I take very seriously that no editor should ever insert him or herself into the work of a writer more than as a guide.


We have three skype story meetings in this process, at any time of your choosing, and of course unlimited email access. See what some of my clients have to say about working with me. 


Contract & Payment Information


A standard editor's contract will be issued and signed before work commences. An invoice will be issued for all payments. View Sample Contract Here. 



I am available and you are ready to get started.

33% Of total due to commence.

33% When editor has completed the first revision

33% When editor has completed the second revision



I am not available immediately or you need some time to be prepared. 

25% of your total fee is due to reserve your slot and/or commence. This is a non-refundable fee. 

50% of the remaining fees are due 4 weeks after the commencement date. 

25% of the remaining fees are due upon project completion.


Please note: 

1) Other arrangements can be made on a case by case basis. 

2) Proofreading is not part of my substantive and developmental editing. 


Payments accepted:

Paypal (including credit card use) or bank transfer via Transferwise (preferred). 


Please Read: 


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