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If there was one good thing that came out of the pandemic (and that's hard to say!) it is that we have all become pretty adept with Zoom! In the Before Times, I relied on email or the occasional Skype, which never seemed to have a great connection or interface.

But now - voila - Zoom has filled the void and it has opened the floodgates for easy communication with people all over the world.

In the Before Times, I tried to answer every email that I got from writers, with very good questions about the art and craft of writing, or sometimes about strategy for traditional or independent publishing, and very often, brainstorming sessions about a particular story or nonfiction project. Over time, it has gotten a bit hard to reply meaningfully to every question and so I had the bright idea to make myself available for Zoom consultations. I set up a nice little background, featuring some of my favorite books, colors and artwork and I'm ready to go!

Once you book either a 30-minute or 60-minute consultation, we will email correspond about what you need help with and I will go over your email carefully so that I am prepared to help you problem solve. After our call, I will send you the summary highlights of what we discussed, plus and links or resources that I think might help you.

The fee for a Zoom consultation is $175 for 30-minutes (plus the before and after emails) or $225 for a 60-minute discussion.

Generally, I am available in my late afternoon or early evening, Monday through Thursday. Use the handy time converter below so you can compare our time zones. Drop me a line today and let's Zoom!

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