Tik Tok & Book Sales

Well, dear readers, I took the plunge and tried to figure out how to use Tik Tok. My book, The True Adventures of Gidon Lev got stellar reviews - I mean STELLAR - it was one of the best books of 2020 in the Kirkus Review. But I could be selling more copies, to be honest.

It didn't help that the book came out about a month after Covid lockdowns swept the planet and any and all book signings or talks Gidon and I had planned were out the window.

So we had to punt. I wrote a blog post here and on Medium about why I decided to publish the book independently and how much I learned in the process of that. (Spoiler: SO MUCH.)

Recently I read an article about how Tik Tok can actually sell books and I thought okay, I gotta try it. I video Gidon all the time so I had plenty of material, so I sat down and fooled around and uploaded a few of my own.

There is no AMAZING end to this story, by the way. I uploaded about six videos, with text (which was tricky as heck) and all of the videos got several hundred views and likes, so that's great. This is the Tik Tok that has had the most views and I think that might be the case precisely because it's SO raw and rough-hewn.

This, for me, was sort of like making a book trailer. Only it was easier because it's a nonfiction book about an amazing person who is not me. I really pushed my comfort zone by doing this. My point being that there are many more readers out there than we reckon, but the way to reach them and make them aware of our books has to evolve. It's no longer the case that simply spending money on advertising in Publisher's Weekly or hosting a book signing is going to sell your book. We have to be nimble, innovative and courageous to get our work out there. Tik Tok may work for my book or it may not. But I took a chance and it only cost me a few hours. Would you consider using Tik Tok to sell your book? Do you use it now for any other reason? I'd love to know!