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Tik Tok & Book Sales

Well, dear readers, I took the plunge and learned how to use Tik Tok. My book, The True Adventures of Gidon Lev got stellar reviews - I mean STELLAR - it was one of the best books of 2020 in the Kirkus Review. But I could be selling more copies, to be honest. It didn't help that the book came out about a month after Covid lockdowns swept the planet and any and all book signings or talks Gidon and I had planned were out the window.

I wrote a blog post here and on Medium about why I decided to publish the book independently and how much I learned in the process of that. (Spoiler: SO MUCH.)

Recently I read an article about how Tik Tok can actually sell books and I thought okay, I gotta try it. I video Gidon all the time so I had plenty of material, so I sat down and fooled around and uploaded a few of my own. They started to do pretty well - a few thousand views and a lot of comments. So I made more. And more. At the time of this writing, two of our Tik Toks have gone viral - one has over half a million viewers (and growing) and the other has 120K viewers (and growing.)

Soon, Gidon and I hired a content strategist to help. That, it turns out, was money we couldn't afford not to spend.

I will admit that I am really pushing my comfort zone by doing this but there are so many readers out there and we have to make them aware of our books. Readers are waiting for our stories. But - where are they? It's no longer the case that simply spending money on advertising in Publisher's Weekly or hosting a book signing is going to sell your book. We have to be nimble, innovative, and courageous to get our work out there. So that's why I took the leap.

My sales have indeed gone up as has my Amazon ranking and we've had a lot of fun on Tik Tok. But still, for now, the jury is out as to whether Tik Tok is the social media platform of choice for The True Adventures of Gidon Lev.

Here is the first Tik Tok video that went viral, with over 500K views so far.

Would you consider using Tik Tok to sell your book? Do you use it now for any other reason? I'd love to know!

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