Upcoming Salon Med Sessions

Hi, everybody! Just letting you know that there are several sessions of the Salon Méditerranée coming up on June 13, 20 and 27th as well as two sessions in July.

Our prompt last week generated some amazing flash fiction!

The blue vase toppled from the piano at precisely the same moment that...

Because this is all new(ish!) I need a moment to get organized but I will be sharing a selected piece (or two!) for our page on Medium, but all pieces submitted here on my blog so that you can see just how wide the variety is when writers are given exactly the same prompt. It's so amazing to me.

Upcoming topics for the Salon are:

Narrative Lesson: Mastering Paragraph and Chapter Flow Writing Better Characters: What Image is Your Character Trying to Project? The Hero's Journey and You: From "The call" to "The Dark Night Of The Soul." Five Ways to be a More Empowered Writer

Word Counts & Why They Matter Understanding the Classic Three Act Story Structure

Writing Better, More Natural Dialogue

Here is a link to book a spot in several sessions at once, or ala carte.