Unfiction, by Gene Doucette

I cannot tell you what a pleasure and challenge it was to story edit Gene's latest book. It is a real mashup of several genres; fantasy, dystopia, literary/upmarket and YA and it has a very meta view of the story and the art of storytelling. Gene was a pleasure to work with and I look forward to his next project! Here's the book blurb: "When Oliver Naughton joins the Tenth Avenue Writers Underground, headed by literary wunderkind Wilson Knight, Oliver figures he’ll finally get some of his wild imaginings out of his head and onto paper. But when Wilson takes an intense interest in Oliver's writing and his genre stories of dragons, aliens, and spies, things get weird. Oliver’s stories don’t just need to be finished: they insist on it."

Sky, by Ondine Sherman

How I loved working with Ondine on this stunning YA book. I worked with Ondine from the very earliest stages, in creating a detailed outline and chapter-by-chapter evaluations. Ondine knew exactly what she wanted to write and was really wonderful to work with. Here's part of the book blurb: "After her mother’s death, Sky is forced to leave her city life behind and move in with her aunt and uncle in a small Australian town. But the city isn’t all that she leaves behind. Trying to fit in with her new friends means doing things she never dreamt she’d do."

Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves

I am particularly proud of James because I have worked with him for many years, initially on his screenplays. But he had this idea for a book that stayed with him and sure enough, he took the leap from screenwriting to prose writing and we are all so lucky he took that leap! A fun, rollicking YA read, Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves is just plain fun. I story edited the follow-up book in the trilogy as well. Here's the book blurb: "Young Jim Morgan loves everything about his life: ignoring his old tutor’s lessons, flaunting his new clothes, terrorizing his servants, and perfecting the fine art of snobbery. But the night his father returns from a mysterious sea voyage with the secret to a vast pirate treasure, Jim's world is thrown upside down."

Julian Rigby and the Keepers of Time

Working with John on this YA manuscript was SO fun. I had never seen anybody write a fantasy adventure about Father Time before! But John really pulled it off. I wish he'd write a sequel! The book is available as an e-book as well as paperback. I know I treasure my copy! Here's the book blurb: "From the moment Julian steps into the mysterious swirling portal in his granddad's clock shop he realizes that there is no going back. Instantly, he is sucked into the wormhole and spit out in a world very different from his own - a dimension frozen in time."

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