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About the Salon

The Salon Méditerranée is a writer's group that allows writers to connect and engage with writers all over the world, talk about our goals and questions, enjoy discussions about an aspect of writing and even write some prompt-based flash fiction.  Unlike traditional writer's groups, this Salon is guided, meaning that discussion moves along apace and everybody gets the same opportunity to share, ask questions, and be heard.  

Our sessions will be held on Zoom on selected Sundays (see upcoming schedule) For your ease, these are the time conversions. Use this
time converter to check your location if it differs from those below: 

8 PM in Tel Aviv
10 AM in Los Angeles
12 PM in Chicago
1 PM in New York
6 PM in London
9 PM in Dubai
10:30 PM in Mumbai
All salon meetings will be recorded in case you can't make it or arrive late. 

Our Backstory: 

The Salon is an outgrowth of the popular and beloved Tel Aviv Writer's Salon which was a weekly, year-round Salon held in various cafes in Tel Aviv and sometimes in my home for several years. We met and wrote and discussed writing through heat, humidity, and rain. Sometimes the Salon was very large and sometimes only a few writers showed up. We met during peacetime and war. Cafes got noisy and inconvenient and scheduling was sometimes tricky.  Then, along came Covid. 

What to Expect

Salon sessions will be held on Zoom and will last about 90 minutes. Sessions will be recorded and available for viewing for up to 14 days. 

  • Each writer will introduce themselves and briefly tell us what you are writing nowadays and what is on your mind.  (If you just want to lurk, that's okay too, but connecting with other writers can be good for the writerly soul!)

  • Next, I will give a short talk about the topic du jour.  (upcoming topics are here.) 

  • I'll open up the floor for questions related to the topic or to specific writing questions you have. 

  • Then,  as our Salon meeting winds down comes the best part: participants will receive the writing prompt of the week. 

Cost of the Salon

Four sessions of the Salon are $75. 
Individual sessions are $24.99

Please click "Book Now" to review upcoming topics and select the sessions you would like to attend. Seats are limited. 

Writing Prompt/Flash Fiction Rules

All writers get the same writing prompt and must use it verbatim.  Writers must submit a minimum of 500 words, and a maximum of 750 words. A title must be included (but does not affect the word count).  Your work must be received within 48 hours of the Salon and be submitted as a Word document. Writers should include a brief bio and any links they would like. 

Selected Flash Fiction

Selected flash fiction turned in within the deadline and word count parameters,  with the writer's permission, will be published in the Salon's Prompt Gallery one week after Salon. Of course, writers may opt-out of sharing. The writings will be shared in The Salon Méditerranée Facebook group and one selected piece will be published on the Salon's Medium page

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