Writing for the Theater

The world of entertainment has been around for centuries. From traveling circuses to modern art museums, rock concerts, Shakespeare plays, and the silver screen, Americans are obsessed with the entertainment industry. In our digital society, we are able to take in more of our favorite stars on and off the screen, especially with the advent of the Internet and social media. Countless people are entertained by the works of Hollywood and Broadway, and some of these people are inspired to seek careers in these fields.

Alliance for Independent Writers

The Alliance of Independent Authors is a professional business membership organisation for self-publishing authors. A non-profit, we provide trusted advice, supportive guidance, and a range of resources, within a welcoming community of authors and advisors.

Writer Beware!

Writer Beware is a funky looking site, not the easiest design, but it contains important information in its role as a watchdog for the sadly numerous scams and disreputable businesses offering services to writers. 

Duotrope Submission Service

Duotrope is a membership service that makes submitting your fiction, non-fiction and poetry much easier to manage. The cost is $5.00 per month and includes listings of over 7,000 publishers, writing competitions and more. 

21 Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical devices are something you use in your writing every single day. But did you know what they are called and how to use them for the greatest impact? Check it out! 

I cannot recommend The Gotham Writers Community and classes enough. This is a very well respected organization and if you'd like to brush up on your writing skills, the online classes offered here are both reasonably priced and in-depth. 

Get Started Querying Kit

Finished your manuscript and have no idea what to do next? Here is a handy guide to get you started. 

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips

If you write and you have questions about grammar, look NO further. Grammar Girl is the best! 

Acronym Finder

Well, I'll be darned! A whole website devoted to finding out what an acronym stands for! 

Online Etymology

This is word nerd paydirt! Look up the etymology of any word or phrase you can imagine! 


Writer, empower thyself! Grammarly is a free proofreading/spell checker application that you can add to your computer. Never submit anything to anyone without using it first. It can't contextualize the way a human editor or proofer can (yet!) but it will save you from the embarrassment of small errors. 

Guide for Punctuation in Dialogue - oh my!

I don't know about you, but I can tell when punctuation used in dialogue is wrong - but when it comes to my own writing, I often stumble! Here is a handy guide to bookmark! 

Best Feedback for Screenwriters

Script Reader Pro is a screenplay consultancy made up of working Hollywood writers and offer great script coverage and a hands-on course. I cannot recommend these guys enough! 

Best Books on Writing

There are many books out there about not just how to write but for writers as we struggle with, well, being a writer. These are some of my absolute favorites: The Artists Way (Julia Cameron), On Writing (Stephen King) Writing Down the Bones (Natalie Goldberg), The War of Art (Steven Pressfield), The Writer's Journey (Chris Vogler), Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott), The Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell). 

Literary Device Definitions

Do you get your aphorism mixed up with your allegory sometimes? Or your bildungsroman with your solecism? Oy do I have a handy guide for YOU! 

Publisher's Weekly

Get updated with book reviews, industry news and self-publishing information! 

The Writer's Market

The bible for writers! 

Writing Explained

Grammar, punctuation, Chicago style - oh my! Everything you want to know about correct usage and more can be found on Writing Explained. Yowza. 

Literary Light Box Blog

This blog and writer's site is really up-to-date and features great articles and inspiration. Definitely check it out! 


With a great blog and lots of resources for writers, Novelicious is a must on your resource list! 

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