My Background

I worked at 

  • Walden Media (Divergent, Narnia, Holes, Journey to the Center of the Earth)Red Wagon (Sony: Memoirs of a Geisha)Cinergi (Swim Fan, The Terminator)Bedford Falls (Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai)

  • Seed Productions (Hugh Jackman and John Palermo)Bluecat Screenwriting CompetitionJust Effing Entertain Me Competition (owner)

Warner Bros. Studios, The West England University, Cal Arts/Los Angeles, The Willamette Writer's Conference, The London Screenwriter's Festival, The Weizman Institute, The Tel Aviv Writer's Salon,  The Haifa Film Festival.

The Huffington Post

Script Magazine

The Times of Israel

MovieMaker Magazine

Moment Magazine

The Bay Area Guardian

Aging: An Apprenticeship




Unfiction, by Gene Doucette 

Sky, by Ondine Sherman 

You See Me, by Devorah Friedlander

Julian Rigby and the Keepers of Time, by John Grammatico

Jim Morgan and the King of Thieves, by James Raney



Two Zebras, by Ze'ev Silverman

Love, Me by Anne Royse (upcoming) 

How to be Happy With Whatever You End Up Getting, by Mark Kapner (upcoming)

Maybe it's because I am a writer myself, and I know the highs and lows, I really love writers and the process of creation. I understand that writers need an editor that they can trust to nurture them and hold their feet to the fire. There is so much content competing for our attention these days that "meh" writing does not stand a chance. Your work has to stand out. I can help you with that.  Originally from California. I now live in Tel Aviv. My hilarious memoir of heartbreaking beauty (ha!) They Do Things Differently Here is a work in progress. I just finished writing and editing "The True Adventures of Gidon Lev: Rascal. Holocaust Survivor. Optimist." and I am very proud of the book. Wherever you are with your story, I hope that I can be of help. 


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