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I have been working with Julie Gray over the past two years and she is an absolute treasure. Julie is so much more than a story editor. She is insightful, creative, extremely experienced and an invaluable mentor. Writing my YA book series, Julie has coached me in so many areas such as weaving together the various and complex dramatic plots and twists for maximum tension, emotional honesty, and entertainment. I highly recommend her to all writers

Ondine Sherman

the Sky Series

Julie Gray helped me to fulfill my dream of writing a fictional history about the exploits of my mother-in-law in the Dutch Resistance. I was a novice, but Julie’s detailed notes on first principles guided me to write a compelling novel, filled with excitement and emotion. Each time I received a glowing review—and there were many—I think to myself, “Julie taught me how to do that.”

Robert Loewen

The Lioness of Leiden

I met Julie years ago when I was just starting out, aspiring to be a film and television writer. Her sense of story is impeccable, as is her ability to spot writers and material with potential. Thank you, Julie, for believing in me, way back when!

Hilary Weissman Graham

Orange is the New Black, Bones

Julie is a brilliant storyteller and gifted book doctor. She knows what a great book should look like, and gives her whole self towards ensuring that you craft your best work. She has many years of experience in the center of the industry and has loads of insights into getting read and published. Julie gets my highest rating and recommendation.

Elana Sztockman, Phd

Lioness Press

Julie Gray's wealth of knowledge and experience along with her consistent encouragement and guidance propelled me from zero to the finished draft and helped me overcome what appeared to be a daunting task.

Marney Blom Shadow of the Sun

Based on an Extraordinary True Story of Survival during WWII Japanese Occupation of the Dutch Indies

I contacted Julie to do a manuscript assessment for my first-ever book. I had no idea what to expect. I have felt so nurtured by Julie in this process. She's given me incredible feedback on what's working and what's not. She's super responsive to emails and inquiries, and worked very quickly to return the assessment for me. I am so excited by the feedback and her enthusiasm for my project, and ever so grateful for her willingness to answer my questions and to be incredibly honest throughout the whole process. I'm looking forward to the next step now!

Simone Yemm Stalked by Demons, Guarded by Angels

The Girl With An Eating Disorder

Julie Gray is one of the writing coaches I recommend to my clients. She’s smart, supportive, trustworthy, and knows how to help writers overcome the challenges of the creative process.

Stephanie Palmer, author, Good in a Room

former MGM executive

Julie excels in all the ways a good literary editor must, but she also gets that writing can be emotionally taxing and even dispiriting; so amorphous a challenge that even the smallest distractions can derail work on the most promising passages. Most telling is Julie's infectious love affair with the written word. For these reasons and more, I admire and recommend my friend and mentor, Julie Gray.

Ze'ev Silverman

Professor of Physiology & Cell Biology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

As I was looking for someone to help me write my first non-fiction book, I came across Julie. I couldn't have asked for a more professional, insightful, and honest mentor who really "got me." Her timely and excellent comments, in addition to her wonderful feedback, provided me with so much guidance and support. Thank you, Julie! Couldn't have done this without you!!

Dorit Yaron

Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and Life Coach

Julie provided invaluable guidance for my novel, both in terms of story development and constructive criticism. Her comments were always prescient, her suggestions useful, and her attitude supportive and nurturing. I am now working on a second novel with Julie and would encourage anyone considering her services to make use of her considerable talents and experience.

Andy Lewis


ulie is an amazing teacher. In a few short weeks, my understanding of writing has skyrocketed. The personal time and attention is invaluable, as she can zero in on what exactly needs to change to make huge improvements. I would highly recommend her to any writer who wants to hone their skills in a short period of time.

Donna Wetterstrand

Business Consultant/Entrepreneur

Julie will deconstruct your book and work hard to fix it. She will be your biggest fan and toughest critic all in one, pushing you constantly to think hard about your story, descriptions, themes, everything. Think your book is great? The best novel to hit the shelves in a decade? It might be, but not until you rebuild it with Julie.

J.G. Bashlow

We started with the fifty-thousand-word memoir I had already written. Julie challenged and guided me as we reworked, revised, and re-ordered it into a polished and powerful sixty-five thousand manuscript. At our first meeting, as soon as I described my spiritual journey and how it had finally come to a happy ending, she exclaimed "That's what your book is really about!" She was spot-on, and it was a pleasure to receive her insights and suggestions, address them, and see how they made the finished product "glow"!

Mark Kapner

I find Julie has an excellent ability to see the “big picture” and provide essential feedback and suggestions while respecting that ultimately, her client has to make the calls. She is professional and stands by her deadlines. A friendly warning— if you are not serious, just dabbling with a book that “maybe” you’ll finish writing “someday” Julie is not for you. But to any author, real or “wannabe” (like me) who is serious and dedicated to “getting it done” Julie is the perfect choice."

David Shayne

ulie not only knows her stuff, but she knows how to present it in a way that puts you at ease. She comes from a place of encouragement.

Anne Royce

The thing about Julie is that she makes writing come alive.

Ella Fuchtswanger


Meet your new best friend.

Julie is both a tireless advocate for writers and has excellent taste. I always look forward to reading her recommendations!

Andrew Kersey, Kersey Management

Los Angeles

Julie is your quantum leap in expertise. I live in fear and awe of her. All the same, when I read the final MS I have the sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that only my kids can give me.

Dr. Michael Benjamin, Oranit

Crossed Lines

Julie provided honest, insightful feedback that I desperately needed. I’ve found her to be the most enthusiastic, energetic, and down-to-earth person who clearly loves her craft. She doesn’t mince words. She tells it like it is and in an industry where the impression is everything, she’s always left a good one.

Tammy Olsen

Warner Bros.

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